Everyone has pet peeves, and they can reveal as much about you as your homestyle. It’s incredible how simple and harmless things such as accessories, colours, materials and patterns can trigger strong negative emotions and feelings.

One of the main reasons why I use Instagram is to find inspiration and ideas for my home renovation plans. While following people with totally different styles to mine may inspire me, it would most likely never change my mind about my big home decor pet peeves. Who enjoys scrolling down a feed of things they hate after all? Certainly not me. That’s why I tend to follow only home accounts I generally like and people I have at least a few things in common.

We haven’t even started renovating our new flat in Edinburgh, but these are some of the things you’ll never ever see on my Instagram grid:

Letter things

By ‘letter things’ I mean single letter signs, room names, neon signs, message boards and the like.

Some examples:

  • Wooden letters with the initials of the house owners’ names
  • Door signs indicating the name of the room (e.g. ‘kitchen’, ‘bathroom’)
  • Self-explaining objects (e.g. a laundry basket reading ‘laundry’)

I find these letter things unnecessary and nonsensical. I know my own name, where my kitchen is and what a laundry basket is for, thanks.

home decor pet peeves_letter things

Mr & Mrs things

Think of cushions, glasses, wooden letters or mugs. I hate anything Mr & Mrs and, by extension, any matching set of things for couples.

Part of that hate comes from my own view of marriage as a sum of two individuals and not as a union. For me, as a Spaniard, there’s no such thing as Mr & Mrs anything, because Spanish women don’t change their surnames (we have two!). If you’re curious about how our names work, check out this article about Spanish naming customs I wrote a while back on my website.


home decor pet peeves_Mr and Mrs

I simply don’t see the point of Mr & Mrs things. You know you’re married. Your husband/wife knows it. Anyone you know will probably know it. There’s no need for reminders, is there?

I don’t get matching sets of things and couples matching their outfits make me cringe a bit. It feels as if, for some reason, they need to visually remind everyone in the party that they’re a couple.


I’m not sure why, but I’ve always hated pink. I only remember having three pink things (a T-shirt, a fuchsia jumper and a bike), none of which I bought myself.

My first childhood drama involved pink. My grandma bought my first bike for Christmas. It was pink and I was a three-year-old pink hater already. There were tears. It took my mother about a week or even longer to convince (blackmail?) me that it was ok to ride a pink bike. Poor Santa, who must had forgotten that I hated pink… I used the bike for many years.

No pink for me in any shade.

home decor pet peeves_pink

Floral patterns and animal prints

I like flowers and I like floral patterns in clothes such as summer dresses, blouses or scarves. For some reason, though, I strongly dislike floral patterns in home decoration. Floral wallpaper, curtains, cushions, bed linen, throws, tablecloths, etc. make me think of old people’s homes, old-fashioned B&Bs and cheap department stores.

Regarding animal prints, I wouldn’t have them anywhere. I find them super-tacky.

home decor pet peeves_floral cushions

Prints with messages

They seem to be popular but it’s a trend I’m never going to join. I find prints with messages obvious, unoriginal and extremely boring.

They include different types of messages, all of which everyone has seen a thousand times:

  • Tired phrases: ‘Home is where the heart is’, ‘My happy place’, ‘Home sweet home’, ‘There’s no place like home’, ‘Keep calm and carry on’ adaptations and the like.
  • Boring phrases in obvious places: ‘But first, coffee’ or ‘Wine o’clock’ (in a kitchen), ‘Sweet dreams’ (in a bedroom), ‘Bath time’ (in a bathroom).
  • Phrases pretending to be funny, usually mentioning Prosecco or gin.


Note: all images are stock pictures.

home decor pet peeves_prints with messages

Do we have any home decor pet peeves in common?

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Irene Corchado Resmella

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