Hi! I’m Irene.

I started The Home Reporter as an Instagram account not long before putting my (now former!) house in Oxford up for sale. I wanted to document the transformation of our Victorian end of terrace and have a visual reminder of the whole renovation process.

After the sale completed, a blog felt like the perfect complement to the Instagram account. It’s my preferred format for content creation, having blogged for over 9 years both as part of my job and as a hobby. That’s why I created www.thehomereporter.blog.

This isn’t your typical interiors-only blog. As a location-independent freelancer, professional linguist, second-time buyer, serial migrant and travel lover, my interests are many and varied. I like exploring the wide concept of ‘home’ and that’s why, under the two core categories (home and lifestyle), you’ll find articles about topics such as

  • buying a house,
  • working from home,
  • working for yourself,
  • relocation,
  • flexible lifestyle, or
  • moving abroad.
Irene Corchado Resmella

Irene Corchado Resmella

Edinburgh (UK)

All this, of course, on top of regular articles about interiors and renovations updates and inspiration.

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A bit more about me

My name is Irene and, as a Spaniard living in the UK, I get my name mispronounced all the time. While I’m used to it, it makes me happy when people get it right, so here’s how to say it correctly: /ee-REH-neh/.

I work as an independent English-Spanish translator under the brand name ICR Translations. My main focus is sworn and legal translation, and I specialise in wills and succession. Before going solo, I worked as a travel content writer and editor for a London-based company.

I’ve been a UK resident since 2011. I lived in St Albans for two years before moving to London and, after six years in Oxford, I’ve recently relocated to Edinburgh with my Scottish husband. Before moving to the UK, I lived in Estonia, Ireland, Russia and Latvia. I guess you can say that I’m no newbie when it comes to international relocation!

Apart from The Home Reporter, I run three other blogs:

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